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The Ruby Slipper


21 March 1989
Welcome, to the Land of Oz.

I'm Straight_Aces, or The Lady in Red. I also go by Lady Ace, just to mix things up.

The Ruby Slipper is my happy place, but hey i'd like it if you were there - and you were there! and you were there!

There's not a lot to me really - I like pretty shiny things and pretty shiny people, so that's what you're probably going to find here. I also love shoes, music, diet coke and chocolate. No, I mean *really*. This is the way to my heart - through my addictions.

Fair warning, i like to read and write slash and squee over pretty pretty boys doing pretty porny things and i don't like people who harsh my sparkle.

There's no place like home, and this is mine, so don't be a witch or step on the munchkins and I'm sure we can have a real good time.

(Yeah, I rhyme.)

Come kick up your heels in style!